There are currently three exceptional Preschool in Allen, Texas namely Primrose School of West Allen, Kids `R` Kids of West Allen and Brookhaven Academy.

1. Primrose School of West Allen

Primrose School of West Allen is a preschool in Allen, Texas that delivers excellent educational experience to children. The school coordinates with parents to aid little ones in building the right foundation for their present and future learning. They aim to give the best and most reliable early education for children and motivate them live with integrity, to treat other people with respect, to give without expecting in return and to work along whole-heartedly.

One specific reason to choose Primrose School of West Allen is they have competent and compassionate staff. They conduct yearly parent surveys and the results consistently show that parents choose schools based on the superiority and proficiency of the staff. They hire people who are sharing the same values and principles with them.

Primrose School of West Allen seeks to stay at their best everyday to become effective role models to the young ones. In giving their services to the students, school teachers and staff face each day with bliss, build trust, connect with compassion and deliver a wonderful learning experience.

They surpass parents’ expectations with enthusiastic team members and instructors, a proven course, the top standard for excellence and a strong coordination with parents.

2. Kids `R` Kids of West Allen

Kids `R` Kids of West Allen is providing a modern child care facility with a qualified educational curriculum for children ranging from 6 weeks to 12 years. Parents as well as little ones can visit the school for a tour and prove to themselves why Kids ‘R’ Kids of West Allen is among the top rated preschools in Allen. Compared to other schools, they offer so much more. Whether looking for infant care, preschool, after class programs and summer camp or spring break programs, the school can fulfill any child’s need.

Kids `R` Kids of West Allen aims at becoming the major first education provider in Allen, Texas and Collin County. This can be achieved by providing surroundings that will let children nurture their whole being by way of cognitive, emotional, social, as well as physical development.

Due to the fact that little ones develop at distinct rates, the school program promotes individualistic character and self-esteem while individually guiding each of them through their own development.

3. Brookhaven Academy

Brookhaven is a Preschool in Allen, Texas that prioritizes quality education above all else. The school’s teaching staff is certified with bachelor’s degree including doctoral and master graduates with excellent professional training in education, different languages, mathematics, science, healthcare, fitness, behavior adjustment, and working with gifted and talented students.

Brookhaven Academy’s kindergarten and Preschool features an exclusive trilingual focus. Aside from English, students can also learn other languages such as Spanish and Chinese from professional native speakers. Other than the advantages of learning different languages, this system is a piece of the school’s strong educational program.

The students of BrookhavenAcademy learn and have fun in the same time. They are provided with excellent, enjoyable and stimulating courses for any ages such as Mathematics, Science, English Language, Chinese Language, Spanish Language, Computer Class, Taekwondo, and Fitness.

Brookhaven Academy is located in a place designed with safe, colorful and relaxing classrooms together with functional centers intended to enhance the student’s motor skills. The classrooms, computer laboratories and 3 spacious playgrounds will help the students have an optimistic learning atmosphere. The importance of parents’ coordination with the school is emphasized on the Parent Advisory Board which is consisting of volunteer parents. The school-parent coordination is intended for them to share, listen as well as work together for students.

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