History of Allen TX

Allen TX was first inhabited by the Caddo, Comanche and other native tribes before 1800.  Around 1840 immigrants began arriving and conflicts arose between the native tribes and the new settlers.  Overtime the native tribes started migrating further West and the conflicts ceased.
Allen was a part of the Peter’s Colony Land Grant to the Texas Emigration and Land Company from the Republic of Texas.  The town was named in 1872 after Ebenezer Allen who was a state politician and railroad promoter.  The railroad was very important to the history and growth of Allen, TX.  It allowed for crops to be quickly moved across the country before spoiling.  A railroad depot sprung up as the hub of Allen and helped make the city even more popular.  It became so popular that it was the location of the first train robbery in Texas by the Sam Bass gang.

The City of Allen incorporated in 1953 and has experienced significant growth.  In 60 years the population has swelled from 400 to over 86,000 inhabitants.


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