Allen, Texas is not just a place where you can enjoy shopping and suburban living. It is home to several sports teams that have brought fame to the state and have huge following. When it comes to dining experience, every little bit that is served your palate is thoroughly thought of to be the best and comes from the heart.

When it comes to recreational activities, Allen, Texas is also a place to reckon with. It can truly mesmerize its visitors with the grand presentation that only the “Allenites” know how to do. Here’s a rundown of what more you can expect aside from the usual city treats.

Ultimate Golf Courses

Texas boasts of the finest recreational centers that visitors usually flock to during summer and every time they can get a break from their hectic schedules. One activity that seems to run in the veins of every Texan is golf.

The Courses at Watters Creek

For many golf aficionados, one of the best locations for this sport is located at 7201 Chase Oaks Blvd., Plano and known as The Courses at Watters Creek where you can actually play the game choosing from the different courses the venue offers. The place is a haven for not only the players but also for visitors who want to have a taste of this unique sport facility that seems to fascinate its guests from arrival to departure. With a total of 33 holes, players with different time limits may choose from the following once inside the venue or you can make a reservation prior to your visit.

Golf in Allen TX
Beautiful after recent renovations.

Consider these:

  • Traditions Course – The recently- upgraded 18-hole arena has a fresh environment that tends more to the liking of people who prefer a country-style location.
  • The Players – This newly-modified 9-hole playing field is designed to attract women, juniors, beginners; or anybody who wants to get on with a “quick nine”.
  • The Futures – If you are a short-hole game lover, this 6-hole gaming field will certainly thrill you no end.

Besides the fun on the fairways, there is a lot more The Courses at Watters Creek can offer. Professional staff is all over the place to guide and set you up for your entire period of stay. Equipment for beginners, practice and professional players are available. Club customization, fitting and apparel are waiting for you to be tried on.

Dining is also a thing that The Courses at Watters Creek is proud to announce to those who have not been there yet. Enjoy Grill 33 which has a fully-stocked bar a delicious appetizers and entrees are written all over the pages of their menu. Every corner of this golf facility was designed with the various moods and time requirements of the golfers in mind!

Top Golf                                              

Top Golf Allen
Top Golf Allen, family fun, team building, great times.

Top Golf is another golf destination in Allen that you would not want to miss. This panoramic location can accommodate your entire brood, your friends and your co-workers; no matter how many they are—Top Golf does not mind at all!

Spell F-U-N           

Swing your club and hit microchip balls toward the target which looks like a dartboard. If you ask previous visitors, they will describe the place as F-U-N!

It is indeed a pleasurable adventure once you step inside this upscale facility with amenities that can stimulate the party animal in you (aside from being an avid golfer)! Great food and drinks await every guest in this multilevel, one-of-a-kind destination.

Whether you are looking to enjoy a game, the scenery, the food and wine, the place is a must-visit. There are bars in each level where you can meet up with friends, family members or corporate guests. The food is just marvelous that is served in an area of your choice.

Areas you can find within Allen’s Top Golf facility are:

  • Full-service bars
  • Cool lounge
  • A driving range that stretches from side to side of the building.
  • Fine Dining areas
  • Top roof patio

Activities within the Top Golf sports facility located at 1500 Andrews Parkway do not end after a golf driving experience. Party can start any time you want. That is why it is referred to by many as the drink, dine and play venue.

What is more important to know is you are not required to be good at golf or have any experience at all. All you have to have is the time and preparedness for a stay that is full of fun and excitement!

Wakeboarding Experience

hydrous wakeboard park
Wake boarding with beginner and advanced skill areas.

Wakeboarding has been a popular and thrilling water activity since it was conceived. But in Hydrous Wake Parks, wakeboarding has been upgraded to fill you more with this exhilarating adventure.

Hydrous Wake Parks

How would you like to learn to wakeboard using a minimum of $15 this summer? Good news is happy hour provides cheaper rides after 3 pm! Does $20 including rental equipment appeal to you?

Affordable rates

This marketing thrust of Hydrous Wake Parks attempts to draw in more wakeboarders by introducing them to affordable and easy cable systems. So when in Allen, you may take advantage of the 2-hr $15 ride of your life and that includes rented equipment if you arrive before 2 pm. This water sports destination knows how to deal with learning convenience, affordability and also—safety.

Guests can request the facility’s cable system to slow down in order to accommodate the skill of beginners. This provides an easier approach to learning the ropes to prepare them for the main system. Hydrous Wake Park in Allen offers summer camp that starts at $160 a week for your kids’ enjoyment this summer vacation. Where else can you leave the kids to enjoy and learn the game but with experts?

Parties are also welcome in this venue which can truly present you with memorable and fun-filled activities for all ages charging you a minimum of $200 for 2 hours involving 10 people. Team building, company events or fundraisers are surely not going to miss out on this very tempting offer.

Skateboarding at its Best

We all know what to expect upon mentioning skateboarding—exhilarating like no other! So if there are entrance fees in places you’ve been, at The Edge Visitor Center the word is totally unheard of!

The Edge Visitor Center Skate Park

Situated at the south end of Allen Station Park, The Edge Visitor Center is a complex which houses two roller-hockey rinks, a concrete skate park, a BMX track and the Visitor Center.  Its skate park is by far the largest outdoor location of its genre in the state of Texas.

The complex’s amenities vary in time of operation but all are free for public consumption. Rentals options for tournaments or birthday celebrations are available in this sports complex located behind the Visitor Center. Apart from the Skate Park, The Edge completes the experience by providing instructional classes to fill the need of the community on sport-inclination. The 900-ft. BMX track is equally awesome and the hockey rinks are at par with these two previously mentioned activities.

Skateboarders, roller bladers, inline hockey rink, all here at The Edge in Allen, TX.

The Skate Park is 37,915 sq. ft. with stairs and handrails, boxes, a picnic table and ledges. The skateboarding arena has both bowl and street course elements. Several types of bowls were built and transitions range between 6-9.5 ft. deep. There is also a good amount of bank slope areas for beginner skateboarders.

The following are sports equipment allowed within the area:

  • Skateboards
  • Scooters
  • In-line Skates
  • BMX Freestyle Bikes

The facility is fully lighted while restrooms and water fountains are at hand. Since this is a center for high risk activities, helmets, elbow and knee pads are required. The complex has its own rules that are geared for the safety and maintenance of the entire area.

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