Connor Reiersgord, Reggie Robinson, Andrew Truong, Daniel McPartland and Marco Diaz of Allen High School are champions in field of animation. The Man Fairy is a two-minute short animation about an uber masculine as well as an apathetic tooth fairy which earned them the title Division II animation champions in the UIL Young Filmmakers Festival.

The five student filmmakers were invited and given honor on stage. They were given the award for Division II state championship. Most of the competing filmmaker’s entries were darker and has deeper stories, but the 5 student champions said that their The Main Fairy story has lighthearted nature which the judges preferred.

Truong said, “One thing that gave us an edge is a lot of people went for the dark, deep story.”

“Yeah, everyone loves humor,” added Reiersgord.

The short was submitted by the group just 2 hours before midnight and the deadline.

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