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Cheese Burger Crawl

Talk of Allen 2014 Cheeseburger Crawl

2014 Allen TX Cheeseburger Crawl
Cheeseburgers Help Children in Collin County

The 2014 Talk of Allen Cheeseburger Crawl was a great event for the community and partners.  The crawl involved three premium burger joints.  It started at Liberty Burger Co, then crawled to Scotty P’s, and ended at  Twisted Root Burger Co.  The plan was to have a half plate portion at each location with a featured cheeseburger, fries and a drink.

Though the crawl is a great excuse to pig out on some great burgers, it was also a contest to see which burger joint gets the award for best cheeseburger in Allen 2014.  The competition was fierce and the burgers delightful.

The fireworks started at Liberty Burger where the head games began.  Liberty wanted to be first because people would be hungrier at the beginning and everything would taste better.  Liberty came out firing with a full plate.  Liberty knows their burgers.  If a burger is cut in half the juices will leak out.  Also, if the patrons are full, they won’t be hungry at the other stops.  Well played Liberty, well played.

The cheeseburger was fantastic and the skinny fries tasty.  The chuck, brisket, tenderloin mix they use for their patties has been perfected.  The buns were fresh and the cheese wonderful.  Liberty Burgers set the tone for the night with near perfection.  The hand crafted root beer and lemonade added the little touches that make things better.  The gloves were off.

The second stop at Scotty P’s had Scotty himself slinging out some Hatch Green Chile Cheeseburgers.  The burger had fire roasted hatch green chilies, aged jalapeno jack cheese, hand breaded onion strings, all on a locally baked wheat bun.  Fancy fries, yellow Spanish onion rings and fried pickles accompanied this masterpiece.

The burger was love at first bite…sweet, juicy and delicious, but then the heat kicked in.   To cool things off there were mini Oreo cookie shakes.  The already fun night just got better.

Twisted Root Burger Company pulled out the stops with a Western burger or a Spicy Goat.  The spicy goat had very creamy and sweet goat cheese on it with chipotle sauce for some heat.  The patty was thick and juicy and covered with thick bacon cuts.  Likewise the Western burger had the same great bacon and thick patty.  It also came topped with onion strings and BBQ sauce.  Sweet and delicious.

Sure, it was all about the cheeseburger but Twisted Root also had some hand crafted drinks like Chocolate Root Beer and Banana Lemonade.  The ambience was perfect and fun, a great ending to a great night.

So who won the 2014 Talk of Allen Cheeseburger Crawl?!?!

The voting was privately collected and counted – and the winner was…ok, this contest was so close, the winner won by only ONE VOTE.  One Vote… and that one vote difference was in the favor of Scotty P’s!  It was a tough battle that all the participants enjoyed – and the biggest winner of the night was the Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County for which $350 was raised.

2014 Talk of Allen Cheeseburger Crawl Winner!
Winner of 2014 Allen Cheeseburger Crawl, Scotty P’s.

Congratulations to Scotty P’s for Talk of Allen’s 2014 Best Cheeseburger in Allen.

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