The Best Barbeque Joints in Allen, TX

In Texas, BBQ is taken seriously, very seriously.  Even if you prefer Kansas BBQ, Memphis BBQ, Carolina BBQ, or some other BBQ style – that’s okay – Texas may forgive you, but you have to try the Texas version before you die.

When traveling through North Texas, stop by the city of Allen for some of the best BBQ places around.  The following BBQ spots take their BBQ seriously and consistently provide first class results.  For that reason, we have voted them the best BBQ joints in Allen, TX.


Big Ray’s BBQ – BEST in Allen, TX

Big Ray’s is all about insulting the patron with flavor from their wood smoking process.  The meats are juicy and tender and the taste is, overall, right on spot.  Portions are healthy and some dishes are enough for two.

And let’s not forget the sides, the creamed corn is super sweet and the cole slaw is ridiculous.  Desserts are made fresh daily!

In regards to pricing, Big Ray’s may assault your taste buds but not your wallet.  There may be better BBQ joints in Texas, but for the taste, the area, the price, the friendliness and overall experience – you can’t beat Big Ray’s BBQ.

Great BBQ in Allen TX
Texas has some of the best BBQ in the World!

Bar-B-Cutie in Allen, TX

While we normally try to spotlight local businesses and stay away from large chains you can try anywhere, Bar-B-Cutie serves great food and isn’t so large a chain that you’ve probably heard of it before (most locations are outside of Texas, shhhh!).

Bar B Cutie has a great menu, decent prices, and consistent quality.  Their service is fast and it is a great place for an awesome business lunch or family dinner.  The outdoor smoker let’s you smell the place before you can even see it.  This smoker imparts great flavor and aroma’s to their meats.  The most recommended dish is the pulled pork.

The meats are tasty and delicious but what really sets this BBQ joint apart from the rest are the sides and desserts.  Many people get tired of the basic baked beans and cole slaw.  Bar B Cutie has those basics but also has some of the best fried pickles around!  The mac-n-cheese is definitely worth a mention too.  Their banana pudding is off the hook and can steal the highlight of the meal away from the brisket.

Honorable Mentions for BBQ in Allen, TX.

Whereas we usually avoid chains, there are two in Allen worth mentioning.

Dickey’s BBQ is a classic Texas favorite and it dishes out consistent quality and is a great choice for catering a BBQ dinner or lunch.

Rudy’s BBQ is an all time favorite in Texas.  If you have driven through Texas or live there and never tried a Rudy’s…well, it’s a unique experience.  Most Rudy’s have an actual gas “fillin” station out front complete with a convenience store.  Don’t let that scare you – it’s a restaurant first and gas station second.  Inside you will notice the picnic table decor with basic butcher paper for table settings.  Your food is provided to you in a crate with a bunch of pieces of bread in case you want to make sandwiches.  The meat is by the pound and there’s nothing bad on the menu at all (unless you are a member of PETA, if so, just avoid the place altogether).

So if you find yourself in or around Allen, Texas – stop by and grab some of the best BBQ in Texas!

By Derrel Allen

Big fan. Love stuff.

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