Hello, I am nearly born and raised in Allen,  AHS Class of 2005 (Go Eagles!) – After having some success in publishing my ghost writing (Fiverr, BrightLocal, Moz, Teen Liberation, 5 Songs Ghostwritten with Universal Music)  and compliments on websites I was making for special projects. I decided to start freelancing and providing a service to local businesses in the area. I’m not a “marketing agency” although I have ranked several websites and can point out a fake SEO guru in 2.7 seconds. My real objective is to help small businesses that can’t afford the huge price tags on marketing services and creating a website.

My passion and profession for 15 years has been the field service industry and all my friends are blue collar. Naturally I really like helping home services business the “One guy in a truck” type. HVAC, Plumbing, Landscapers, Handymen, Locksmiths, etc. I also did a tattoo shop website theme you can find on my website that’s popular all over the US. I can do Hair Salons, Dog Groomers, Real Estate Agents, Donut Shops I am equipped to handle your next website design project.

So, if you are currently on wix, godaddy, google sites, or just don’t have a website. Get in touch with me. I promise I won’t make you go broke and provide a website design you love. I will even do the ENTIRE design BEFORE you pay me a penny, that’s how much I believe in my work. I can do basic and I can do advanced like connecting to your CRM or automatic texts when a lead comes in. Heck, I have 24/7 chat agents I can deploy on your site for round the clock coverage (Ask me about it, it’s cool!)

Anyway, if you are a local business here in town I encourage you to shop the competition and then come talk to me so I can wow your socks off. Thanks for reading and hope to build a website for you soon!

– William Nix (Nix Web Design)


Oh yea, the above isn’t the best sample but, I can write too! 🙂


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